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essentrics class

 ESSENTRICS® is on a mission to re-establish the true meaning of fitness and to help people experience what it feels like to be healthy and happy in their own bodies.


Essentrics is a FUN, full body, low-impact workout that rapidly changes the shape of your body through a dynamic combination of strengthening and stretching.


What ESSENTRICS® can do for you: 

Body Shaping 

•  Defines the waist
•  Creates toned, lean and strong arms
•  Slenderizes thighs and quads
•  Creates flat, defined abs
•  Improves posture
•  Lifts the butt
•  Targets and firms every muscle in the body


Health & Performance

•  Increases full body flexibility

•  Helps relieve pain
•  Unlocks tight muscles and joints
•  Strengthens the spine and core

  • Helps to treat and prevent back pain

•  Age-defying workout: creates a youthful feeling body

•  Improves agility and speed for sports

•  Supports injury prevention
•  Helps 
speed-up recovery time through increased blood flow


essentrics instructor
Denise Broersma, DC


I am a fully certified Level 4 Essentrics Instructor and a retired chiropractor.

I was so impressed with the Essentrics workouts I discovered on PBS (Classical Stretch with Miranda Esmonde-White), that I became an instructor after retiring from chiropractic.

Doing an Essentrics workout is like giving yourself a gentle full-body

chiropractic adjustment. You'll reduce your pain, realign your joints, release tension in your muscles, and rehydrate your connective tissue. 

And because you actively do it for yourself, you'll become stronger, improve your cardiovascular system, and actually change your nervous system.

I loved helping people with chiropractic and am excited to continue helping

people with Essentrics!




Marion Mobley Dance is located at the southeast comer of the intersection of 44th and Pierce, upstairs.

My Address:

80020 Westminster, Colorado


(520) 390-5106

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