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Wheat Ridge Town Center/

Town Center North Apartments

Essentrics Aging Backwards Classes are available for FREE to all residents of 

WRTC and TCN apartments.

The Non-Impact, slow, gentle movements (dynamic stretch) help relieve chronic aches and pains. 

Many people notice that they have increased mobility, more energy, and better balance after attending classes.

People who have stuck with it, have been pleasantly surprised when their doctor tells them that their bone density has improved and that they are taller (improves posture).

Everyone is welcome, you can sit or stand. Our movements will rebalance and realign your whole body. The slow pace lets you "hear" what your body is "telling" you what to do or not to do.  The number one rule in class is to "listen" to your body so that you avoid movements that are painful.

Movement is the key to feeling younger! Come and start your journey to feeling and moving better! Wear comfortable clothes and socks. Bring water. 

Classes are Mondays and Thursdays in the TCN Exercise room.

Class starts at 10:00am. You can do the 30 minute version of the workout

or stay for the longer version. 


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