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Essentrics fixes your brain!

I just returned from Levels 3 and 4 Essentrics Live Teacher Training in Montreal. It was fabulous! As a chiropractor, Putting it all together made it clear to me that both Essentrics and chiropractic share a common goal: improving the body by changing the nervous system.

As a chiropractor, I tried to change my patients neurology primarily through passive adjustments to realign, rebalance, and release tension. After each treatment, I asked the patients to walk for at least 10 minutes to get them to move their body with the new adjustments to better stimulate their nervous system and try and "lock in" the new "corrections".

In Essentrics, we are also trying to make changes at the neurological level. The beauty of getting "adjusted" with Essentrics is that you are actively moving your body and stimulating your nervous system through the entire workout to realign, rebalance and release tension! (And moving every muscle and every joint through the largest range of motion possible for you stimulates much more neurology than simply walking.) In addition to giving yourself an adjustment, you are strengthening your muscles and getting some cardio! And it's fun!

One other exciting thing, as a chiropractor I also worked on my patients' connective tissue, But In one treatment I could usually only work on a few areas. In Essentrics, we address the connective tissue of the entire body in one class! Pretty awesome! No wonder almost everyone who tries Essentrics, loves it!

Awesome Essentrics Instructors in Level 4 Training

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